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It’s a Big, Big, Big, Big World

It’s amazing how big the world of music is, and how little a space I inhabit in it. I heard the other day that there are 300,000 bands on and that number just amazed me. I’ve heard maybe 1000 of those- and that’s probably an exaggeration. I buy WIRE magazine whenever I have the money to- I’ve never heard of anything that I read about between its pages (if you haven’t read WIRE, you should- it’s an amazing magazine, full of things I never would have thought of….ever). I consistently get music sent to me by people I’ve never heard of.

And that makes me happy. In a world that’s topsy-turvy with wars and exorbitant gas prices and terrorism and fear, it makes me happy to know that art still goes on. Life still goes on, because there is still new art to appreciate. Still new things to listen to and hear. Is this the end of the world? Who knows. I kinda doubt it, but that’s a whole other discussion. All I know is that as long as there is new music to hear, I still am. I will continue to be. Thank God for music, and its calming qualities.

-Stephen Carradini