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Interview with Zach Boswell of Crimson Addict

Interview with Zach Boswell of Crimson Addict

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Brothers Zach and Catlin Boswell have been playing under the name Crimson Addict for over four years now, but the current line-up with Jason White and George Herron is the first line-up to stick. My impression from my conversation with Bassist Zach Boswell is that these guys are on the track to make it.

Scott: Alright, let’s start out with everyone’s name and position in the band.

Crimson Addict: Zach Boswell, Bass guitar and vox.

Catlin Boswell, guitar and vox

Jason White, lead guitar

George Herron, Drums

Scott: So, how long have you guys been playing together?

Zach: Well, my brother (Catlin) and I have been playing together since he was 14. We have been playing as Crimson Addict for over 4 years now but with different guitarists and drummers. The current line-up got together between a year and a half to two years ago.

Scott: Cool, so you guys just hooked up with Turnpike Records. How has that been going?

Zach: Turnpike has been great. They are a new label out of Phoenix, Arizona and they have been great for us. They have given us a lot of support and set up a lot of shows for us out here. Even thought they are new and small they have been great with our music and with us.

Scott: So will this release of Leaving No Space Untouched EP on Turnpike differ at all from the self released version that I have?

Zach: Well, we never officially released the EP by ourselves. What you have is the original version of all the songs that we recorded over about 6 months. We did that album all by ourselves. We paid for all the studio time and worked with guys from different record companies to produce the album and had plans to release it but Turnpike got to us and worked out a deal to stick their name on the album and release it through their company. So basically, you got lucky and got an EP that, officially, never got released. And to answer your question there are no differences on the EP from what you have.

Scott: Alright I think I got that. So what were your influences on this EP?

Zach: A bunch of bands. Each was different for each person so I guess I’ll let everyone speak for themselves on this one. Mine were Jimmy Eat World, Thursday, At the Drive In, Glassjaw, This Day Forwards and a bunch of others.

Catlin: Jimmy Eat World, The Cardigans, Further Seems Forever, any folk music and you got to love classic Bruce (Springsteen).

Jason: Jimmy Eat World, Deftones, The Early November, Glassjaw.

Scott: Awesome. So how is the scene out in St. Louis? Are you getting a lot of support form the local kids or are you really having to fight for support?

Zach: St. Louis is great. There are so many bands and they have hooked us up as far as shows go. We only moved out here in June to write and record the new album and we have already played close to 50 shows. Everyone is so supportive and the kids are out to hear music and just want to see you succeed.

Scott: So you’re out in St. Louis to do a new album, how’s that coming?

Zach: Everything is coming together great. We just finished up the demos for the album and are looking to sign to someone to release the album. Everything is written and recorded we just need to do production. There are going to be 11 tracks on the album. Nine new songs and the tracks “Dark Eyes Dreaming” and “A Bleeding Back” off of the EP. The two songs off of Leaving No Space Untouched will be done slightly differently.

Scott: So is there a timeline for the release of the album?

Zach: No definite timeline yet but we are hoping to have the album out late summer of ’05.

Scott: Great, so anything you want to say in closing?

Zach: Just to check out our new EP Leaving No Space Untouched and get ready for a lot of changes in our new album. Our sound has changed as we have matured.

Scott: Thanks man, good luck.

Zach: Great to talk to you.

-Scott Landis

Interview done November 30, 2004 by phone