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Inner Surge-Signals Screaming

Band Name: Inner Surge

Album Name: Signals Screaming
Best Element: Vocals
Genre: Political hardcore
Label Name: Cyclone Records

Band E-mail:

Political rockers Inner Surge have put out yet another hard hitting political rock album. Signals Screaming has no distinct genre- the sounds range from processed melodic hardcore to downright brutal hardcore that comes close to falling under the spaz-core genre. This album represents a complete change in genre from their heralded metal release Matrika.

Overall, this might not be the strongest of Inner Surges releases. I’m laughing as I say that, because even the weakest of this band’s releases will blow almost any other band out of the water. The album starts out with four processed melodic hardcore songs that don’t play up the band’s strengths. These songs seem to blend into the woodwork with their reliance on sung and spoken vocals and traditional instrumental parts. But as the album progresses the music progresses.

The second half of the album takes the album and the band in a completely different direction. Some of these songs remind me of the early demos of Funeral for a Friend: raw, seemingly unpolished melodic hardcore songs with a focus on screaming vocals. Others remind me of spaz-core giants Fear Before the March of Flames with the raw energy, brutal vocals, and technical instrumental parts. My favorite song, the 7 minute epic “No Profit in the Cure”, follows the spaz format and showcases the talents of the band beautifully.

While not the strongest release, Signals Screaming puts out great music where it counts and will earn Inner Surge quite a bit of recognition well outside their home country of Canada.

-Scott Landis