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Indie Rockin’ the Night Away

Last updated on January 5, 2022

Thursday, August 4, 2005
Daphne Loves Derby, Sherwood, This Providence, Midnight Aria & Dead Reckless
The Backbooth, Orlando, FL

Shows that are good from start to finish are few and far between. Thankfully, the Backbooth is a venue where this phenomenon can often be experienced, and Thursday, August 4th was one of the few occurrences I have witnessed.

Apologies to Dead Reckless…you went on first, and I’m sure your set was quite good, but I got lost in downtown Orlando looking for parking and missed it. So, in reading this review, don’t think I neglected to comment on your music. I look forward to catching your show next time.

The first band that I caught was Midnight Aria, an indie rock band from Ocala, FL. Until twelve hours before the show, I had not heard of them, and wasn’t aware they were playing the show. I checked out their MySpace page ( and liked what I heard, so I was looking forward to seeing their set. Unfortunately, I missed the first ten minutes of their set (again, because I got lost) but what I did see was impressive. I was quickly won over by their infectious hooks and intensity. They had a good rapport with the audience, getting them to clap their hands and sing along without being asked to clap. This is definitely a band I look forward to seeing again.

Next up was This Providence, an emo/indie rock band from the Seattle, WA area. They sounded like a poppier version of Moneen. Their set was really strong from start to finish. Their singer definitely had the whole sensitive-but-uncomfortable-in-my-own-skin vibe going on, which was very cool, and it appeared that the words he was singing were coming straight from the heart. They offered the audience only small bursts of energy, but a great deal of passion. Their set and their music were very enjoyable- I will be looking for them to return to the Orlando area in the future.

Sherwood, a poppy indie-rock band from California, was up third and they really tore up the stage. They were beyond energetic and had great enthusiasm for the show. They opened things up with a really cool version of “Do You Wanna Dance” before launching into their own music with great gusto. Every minute of their set was captivating because they were so into it, as were their fans. Their keyboardist was great; he was jumping all over the place, running around, singing, and never missed a beat on the music. The interaction with the crowd was phenomenal. They, too, won me over, and just like the first two bands, and I will be anxiously awaiting their next show.

Finally, Daphne Loves Derby went on stage. Anybody who doesn’t know who this band is needs to check them out right away, either through MySpace ( or PureVolume. Indie rock doesn’t get any better than this. There were a great deal of people in the crowd who were very into them, singing along (especially when they played their current video, “Hammers and Hearts”). There was a great deal of emotion and intensity put into their set, making it a very moving experience from start to finish. They kept the audience engaged, even when vocalist Kenny Choi was on stage solo with his acoustic guitar. The keyboardist from Sherwood joined them for a couple of songs, again adding in some of the vigor and enthusiasm from the earlier act. Daphne Loves Derby is not an act to be missed, and I urge anyone who is looking to see some good, talented musicians who put on a really tight show to check them out.

-Andrea Caruso