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Indie Rock is Invincible

I have just found another sure-fire way to drive yourself nuts. The first way I found was to try understanding just how many planets there are in the universe by trying to ponder the amount of galaxies, then stars, then planets around those stars. It’s guaranteed to make you twitch.

The second way to do it, as I have just found, is to go all the way through a single blog roll on an mp3 blog. I did this on one rather inconspicuous Friday night, using the blog roll at my favorite mp3 blog *sixeyes. Some were defunct, and some didn’t appeal to me, but the sheer volumes of music that pass through many of these sites is literally mind-boggling. When I see a site that posts a new band every day, I am impressed, definitely. But when I see a site that posts two, three, four new bands a day, as Gorilla vs. Bear and *sixeyes do, I am staggered.

But what really blew the cover off, what really alerted me that mp3 blogging can and will blow your mind, is when I found an interview with Page France on the extremely well-written You Ain’t No Picasso blog. The very same Page France that I reviewed way back in the day with their debut [u]Come! I’m a Lion![/u], when they were unsigned. This isn’t self-congratulating (although that is fun)- this is merely a recognition that there are infinite pieces to the independent music puzzle, and they can all be added together by someone with no life, a fast internet connection, and a blog roll. That freaks me out. It literally gave me shivers.

And then, to make matters so much worse, I found the official SXSW bit-torrent- 1000+ bands, one song each, two words: holy goodness. There is officially no end to indie-rock. It goes on forever into the sunset. I am nothing in the face of the greater picture of indie-rock. Even Independent Clauses as a magazine is a tiny blip on the screen of indie rock. In fact, even if we became a nationally syndicated magazine, became well-respected in the indie rock world, maybe even went international with our pages- we would still be a blip on the indie-rock world.

Indie rock will never die. Music will always be good. We as a magazine will strive our best to bring you the good music, whether we find it out of the general promo forums, the mp3 blogs we visit, the local shows we watch, or random referrals. I am but a student in this great game of indie-rock, and I will always be a student. It’s when we think we know something that we really don’t know anything at all.

-Stephen Carradini