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Independent Clauses. Now With More Books!

Breathe Owl Breathe‘s perspective on the world isn’t just contagious, it’s intoxicating. The enthusiastically wide-eyed life the trio invites their listeners to join includes literally doing whatever they want, which is why they’ve handmade some bound-to-be-gorgeous kids’ books and packaged a 7″ of two new quirky little indie-pop songs inside it. It won’t come out till December, but I would pre-order it instead of sleeping on it. If I had kids, they would listen to Breathe Owl Breathe. Check this glorious tune called “The Listeners (The Mole & The Ostrich)”:

Everybody be rappin’ over indie rock these days, and I’m more than thrilled about this development. PropaneLV uses M83’s “Midnight City”  as his own personal backing track, much more in the style of Childish Gambino than Hoodie Allen. He does, however, take the original vocals out before he names it “One More Time.”

The Gromble‘s slow burn keeps burnin’ with this neat little vid. Remember VHS? Static-laden TVs? Really terrible fashion? This one’s for you, ’80s kids.