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IC Mixtape Two

IC Mixtape Two

This month’s mixtape is a treat, as it is compiled by Matthew Curtis, the mastermind behind Second Act Overture. The sometime accessible, often experimental electronica that Curtis creates is finally seeing a proper release thanks to the people over at You can look for the Ode to Strings EP in mid-May. To tide you over until then, he’s compiled a mixtape of some of his favorite downloadable songs.


1. “You Spiked My Drink With Apathy” by Have Fun Dying– Their Purevolume page is a f**king utopia of Nirvana/Pixies-inspired rock tunes, all freely downloadable. They have a great sense of humor, great talent, and a chick bass player. What else do you want? Kacie, call me sometime!!

2. “Synthesized (feat. Liz Enthusiasm of Freezepop)” by Symbion Project– The solo member of Symbion Project and Liz Enthusiasm are both members of the synthpop band Freezepop, but if their usual sound is too pop-esque for you, have a listen to this song.

3. “Without Recourse” by Spherix – An amazing musician, Jonas Rockwell from Rhode Island plays, sings, and records everything himself and usually better than any major label musician. I highly recommend listening to more by this guy!

4. “Pink U” by Sweethearts In TV– Seattle’s best music to drink Seattle’s best coffee. They make some of the weirdest and most beautiful music I’ve ever heard.

5. “Yes? I’m Synthetic!” by Second Act Overture – This is one of my favorite tracks that I’ve made because of its simplicity. I think if you took Sweethearts in TV and put a dance beat to it, you’d end up with something close to this track.

6. “Happy New Year” by Perception Of I– You might recognize him from being on the front of a few times. If you haven’t had the chance to hear his music, you need to f**king change that.

7. “Something In The Air” by The Analog Girl– Haunting vocals laid over a heavy bass line is the essence of The Analog Girl’s signature sound. This is my favorite track by her; I really love how it almost sounds like a modern, dark version of a child’s song.

8. “Energy Cascade” by ANgR. MgMT– I love this track! It’s from one of my soon-to-be labelmates, and it’s a beautiful, glitchy drum-and-bass track.

9. “Bagels” by Incas of Emergency– Has a real nice groove to this song. When I hear it, I tend to think about the end of a Bourne Identity movie. It’s the kind of track where the strings catch your breath, the beat makes you nod, and the bass makes you want to have sex.

10. “Minuet and Trio” by Jim Glasgow – I absolutely love when an artist mixes contemporary genres with classical, and this is exactly what this song does. It’s upbeat and kickass.

-Matthew Curtis