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How Do You Escape Musical Apathy?

How Do You Escape Musical Apathy?

Sometimes you just need new music. That’s how I’ve been over the last few months (partially explaining my lack of columns). There has not been anything that has turned me on. Hardcore bands seem to be a dime a dozen and post-hardcore/ emo bands are being spawned faster than bacteria in a dead deer. Each band that steps on stage plays the same style with the same song patterns. There are patterns and riff styles that I used to love- and I’ve just gotten bored with them. I’ve been buying music like candy but I found myself going with bands and labels I knew and getting into that sickening pattern of buying what I knew would be high quality, but not any different than before. For some unknown reason I wasn’t branching out.

Finally, I went to Borders (gift certificates- I would never spend that much money on CDs of my own free will) and told myself that I had to buy a random album- something off a label I didn’t know well and a band that I had only ever heard the name of. I was figuring that forcing myself to listen to something that I can’t expect anything from would cure my ailment.

I ended up with The Haze of Infatuation by The Burning Season, off of Hand of Hope Records. This album was a different experience for me as it was a Christian hardcore band. The only Christian hardcore bands I really listened to up until thisalbum were Solid State artists (For those not acquainted with Solid State, it is the most liberal Christian label out there. Bands include He is Legend, The

Bled, and Norma Jean). The true Christian hardcore genre was new to me. I found I really enjoyed it. The messages may have been a little extreme for me but there was a passion in the music that intrigued me. The band played with an intensity that I haven’t heard for a long time (save a few). I can truly say that this album saved me from a downward musical spiral. I’m not saying that this album will be everyone’s cure for the musical doldrums, but the process should be.

Go to your record store and walk around until an album you don’t know catches your eye. My method is looking at the album cover. If it has cool cover art, 3 out of 4 times it will be a worthwhile album. Or you may find a different way to find your “random albums”. Just do it, because it is an amazing feeling to put an album in and not to be able to expect anything from it.

-Scott Landis