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Hoodie Allen, G-Eazy and Amazon Cloud Player

So Amazon’s new Cloud Player is an awesome idea, but with one catch: their uploader is horrifyingly slow. I decided to upload 18 gigs of music, which isn’t a. all of my music or b. anywhere near 1000 gigs, which is the most amount of space offered. I did all the requisite steps, and when it started to input, it said it had 99+ hours to go. I’m thinking that it’s going to fluctuate downward, as almost all download estimates do, right? No.

It’s going to take five consecutive days.

Now, I know that I’m on a wireless connection, and they recommend a hardwire connection so that it doesn’t take over 100 hours, but seriously. Who has a hardwire these days? The whole point of this cloud is so that I can have my music on my wireless phone, or access it wirelessly from any computer in the world. This is a plain and simple case of needing the thing that the service is trying to kill.


In other news, since my Internet will be heinously slow till Friday, I’ll be doing a bunch of short stuff for the week. This is a bummer because I have a tonnnnnnn of stuff in my inbox that I want to share with you, but the glacial internet makes everything, well, slow. If I didn’t know I wasn’t going to love this Cloud Player, I’d hate it.

So, here’s the latest in indie-samplin’ rap.

Straight off Hoodie Allen’s press release: “NY is Killing Me” is a remix of the Jamie XX re-working of the Gil Scott-Heron song of the same name (SO META!).” The Gil Scott-Heron song is great, the remix is aimless, but the remix of the remix gives the first remix some reason for existing. It is rull meta up in hurr, but I like it.

Also, G-Eazy dropped his latest mixtape The Outsider recently, which features samples from Cults, Dam-Funk, Phenomenal Handclap Band and Vivian Girls, among others. The title track is free at the above link. It’s the one that samples VG. It’s a pretty great track.