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Independent Clauses Magazine (an online monthly independent music magazine) is currently looking for more staff. Positions available:

CD reviewer: Two CDs a month, we supply the music.

Concert reviewer: You go to shows, we run your reviews. We occasionally can get you in for free.

Columnist: You got opinions – we want to run them.

Features writer: From features on bands to “Weird, Weirder, Weirdest,” this covers a very broad range of writing, and is our quickest-growing division.

Photographer – Concert photography: You go to shows and take pictures, we’ll run the photos. Again, we occasionally can get you in for free. You don’t need writing skill to have this job, but if you do have some writing chops, you’re doubly valuable to us. You will most likely get a cover shot at some point in time.

Marketing/Promotions: You got ideas to promote us? We’re listening. Join a team dedicated to getting the word out through better and better ideas.

Design: You have magazine design skill? We’d like to talk to you.

All of these positions are unpaid, but pretty much everyone ends up with free music, and the experience looks great on a resume. If interested, please read the IC Constitution below. Writers should then send two writing samples to (we prefer them to be about music, but it is not necessary). Photographers, please send 2-3 pictures to the same e-mail address along with a link to access more of your photos. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

IC Constitution

The ultimate goal of Independent Clauses is to become an established, self-supporting, profit-turning monthly print magazine with a dedicated readership interested in discovering the music that isn’t talked about in mainstream channels. This can only be accomplished through hard work, responsibility, and love for independent music. We strive to employ people who have those traits.

We will accomplish our ultimate goal through the achievement of these day-to-day goals:

Provide coverage to bands that are little-covered or have never been covered before, and give them the same professionalism, courtesy, and interest that we would give to our favorite bands.

Provide coverage to as many bands as possible.

Show at least one good trait about a band in bad reviews. If this is not possible, we will not review the band, out of courtesy to the band.

Have a creative take on anything we do: challenging interview questions, interesting story ideas, unique editorials, or thorough CD reviews.

Treat the website like the professional media organization it is.

Treat the staff like professional magazine staff. They will be entrusted with assignments and materials in the trust that they will do a thorough job and turn work in on time.

Ignore bands that have already been ‘discovered’- no Modest Mouse CD reviews, no Broken Social Scene articles, no editorials comparing the Toronto scene to the Chicago scene (unless you’ve experienced –first-hand- the scene in both places).

Be honest, courteous, and prompt in our contact with labels, bands, and other people who the IC comes into contact with, whether they be in person, by e-mail, or via phone.