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"Hairshirt-Lover Politician EP"

hairshirt1Band Name: Hairshirt
Album Name: Lover Politician EP
Best Element: A great attempt at reinventing the wheel
Genre: Indie rock
Label Name: Contraphonic (
Band E-mail:

Hairshirt is very different from anything you’ve heard in the past twenty years! They are a band who has traveled through time from the 1980s to present day and brought the keyboards and synthesizers with them.

The Lover Politician EP is an upbeat, high energy album. When that energy is coupled with the fact that Hairshirt is extremely talented in their craft, the full 25 minutes is a delight. Their music is psychedelic, ethereal, tranquil and lively. They run the gamut of ‘80’s talent- from the gloomy Sisters of Mercy style of “Obstacles” to the more upbeat and mainstream New Order-esque songs such as “Trapper Keeper”.

Overall, the Lover Politician EP is well worth the listen and repeat listens. If any band can bring the 80’s back and make it popular again, it would be Hairshirt.

-Andrea Caruso