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Greater Than B- Songs For Therapy

Greater Than B- Songs For Therapy,

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Rockin’ Pop-Punk with a face-first attitude

North Carolina rockers Greater Than B show off some A quality talent with their release Songs For Therapy.

With obvious influences from the likes of The Pixies (a cover of their classic “Where Is My Mind” is on the album) to The Starting Line and The Ataris, Songs For Therapy is balls-out power-pop/pop-punk that dives into the music with attitude.

The band has the technical know-how to be great. The sound is tight and they have a good dynamic between each instrument. There is some great guitar work from Quinton Owens that makes you want to do that slow motion head bang so many of us do in the car. You know the one I’m talking about. Owens also puts out some great lead vocals, and bassist Moss pulls off some nice bass lines, especially in his little solo in “Track 13.”

This album has a lot of energy. The music is good, if somewhat derivative and unoriginal sounding. But the attitude the band tackles the album with is awesome. These guys probably put on a fun live show, because the record just makes you want to rock out ninety percent of the time.

Some stand outs in the album include “Yesterday,” the aforementioned Pixies cover, “Where Is My Mind?” “The Shanty,” and the twelfth track, which is interestingly titled “Track 13.” These show the greatest emotional range of the band, from bright and energetic to mellow and dazed to dark and brooding.

Unfortunately, under scrutiny, the band has a largely derivative sound. Nothing they did sonically really makes one think of what makes them unique but more of what makes them sound like their influences.

These guys are good and can definitely rock out with the best of them, but it seems that they need to discover their own sound.

Nate Williams