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Ghosting-October 2004 Demos

Band Name: Ghosting
Album Name: October 2004 Demos
Best element: Lush, yet still strikingly soft and comforting.
Genre: Acoustic singer/songwriter
Label name: n/a
Band e-mail:

I don’t know what attracts me to minimalist songwriters so much- but there is definitely something that draws me in that direction. Maybe I like the fact that there’s nothing for the musicians to hide behind. Perhaps it’s the fact that the vocals are more prominent. It could even be the fact that I like knowing that a good song can be made without layers and layers of junk (Take that, Broken Social Scene). Whatever it is that makes my affection towards minimalism, it is completely manifested in Ghosting.

In short, Ghosting is a two-man band from Britain that makes my day better. Based off acoustic guitar, vocals, and keys, this charming pop duo creates tender music that’s never depressing, yet never exactly happy- a perfect example of melancholy. They don’t just portray emotions- Ghosting gets inside the emotion and fleshes it out perfectly. The best song present is the short “The Devil is Harder to Please than He Thinks”- a stunted, staccato guitar line is met by two vocalists in very close harmony rambling about something. It’s not the lyrics that matter- it’s the fact that the texture of the song is very unique. A piano comes in, then later expands its line into a wistful, elegant melody. I wish this were longer, as the 2:15 it takes to pass is way too short. But still- it puts your repeat button through a workout. And isn’t that the mark of a good song?

“Do What You Have To” is another brilliant song, featuring a ridiculous vocal hook that no one other than the members of Ghosting themselves would have expected. It’s another song that slowly builds in layer upon downtrodden layer of sound. And yet- at the end of the building, it still feels minimalist- still like something you would fall asleep toeasily. That something this lush could still feel soft and barely there is an aspect of their sound that should be lauded long and loud.

Ghosting is truly an anomaly among today’s musical scene- beautiful ruminations sifted through downtrodden eyes. These songs will stick in your head and fill your day. This will never play on your radio, so don’t bother waiting- go to Ghosting’s site ( and get these songs. Your life (and your sleep) will be better off for it.

-Stephen Carradini