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Gates Called Beautiful-A Glimpse of Innocence

Band Name: Gates Called Beautiful

Album Name: A Glimpse of Innocence
Best Element: Screaming Vocals
Genre: Christian Screamo
Label Name: Album: Independently released. Band: Chaos Records

Band E-mail:

It’s screamo. The instrumentals are OK, the “melodic vocals” are annoying and the screaming vocals are good- your basic set-up for a screamo band. Gates Called Beautiful just adds the Christian twist.

The instrumentals are fine, but they aren’t anything to get excited about. The band uses basic chord structures that you hear in every band, although the bass is impressive. While most bassists will stick to the root of each chord, bassist Mike Norton is willing to move around, play with octaves and use scale tones along with chord tones.

Like most screamo bands, Gates Called Beautiful found it necessary to include “melodic” sung vocals. This vocals turn out to be the weakest part of the album, as they are flat, boring, and overused throughout. The screaming vocals are very harsh, very emotional, and quite enjoyable; the band would have been better off going with only screaming.

I don’t usually make a point of mentioning the religious aspects of Christian bands, but with Gates Called Beautiful it really does affect their music. The lyrics are very focused on Christian values and the band advertises the fact they are Christians through their website.

A Glimpse of Innocence is a mediocre album- I could take it or leave it. If you are really into the screamo genre and are a serious Christian you’ll want to check them out, as this is a band that will be on the 2nd stage at Creation next year. They have talent- I’m just not sure they are showcasing it properly.

-Scott Landis