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Forgive Durden-Wonderland

Band: Forgive Durden

Album Name: Wonderland (5-Song Pre-release)

Best Element: Intricate song writing and I mention it is catchy as… well you know what.

Genre: Pop-Rock


Label: Fueled By Ramen

Band E-mail:

This 5 song pre-release is just enough to give you a surface look inside Forgive Durden. Generally I prefer to view an album based on its whole. However, with only 5 songs, I figure it may be most accurate to take a deeper look into each individual song.

-Beware the Jub Jub Bird and Shun the Frumious Bandersnatch:

With an odd name culled from a Lewis Carroll poem titled “The Jabberwock”, this track is filled with hooks and catches everywhere, from the groove-heavy opening riff to the powerful, super-poppy, (dare I say it?) almost boy-band-esque chorus to the stunning outro. Truthfully this is probably my least favorite track on the CD, but by no means is it a weak track. When you listen to the other 4 songs you’ll understand it is up against some tough competition.


This is actually the opener off the CD and gives a better prelude to their sound. This song drives and pushes you along every step of the way, showcasing some great rhythm work. This song has an amazing bridge which begins with some wonderful vocal harmonies that lead into a powerful build-up which explodes into a final chorus before the completion of the song.

-Il Tango Della Signora Francesco di Bartolommeo di Zanobi del Giocondo:

Easily my favorite track of the five, as the Latin groove had me wanting to dance uncontrollably. Luckily, I was able to fashion up my keyboard to my hips so I could type and tango at the same time. A song like this just goes to show how talented and unique these guys really are. On the full album, it is properly placed at song #5. The drumming during the last 30 seconds of this song is simply fantastic.

-Parable of the Sower:

This track is laid back and beckons up thoughts of much older musical inspirations. The song takes a drastic shift for the later half of the song, turning the mellow mood into a circus vibe turned sing-a-long. It’s quite difficult to describe but absolutely stunning to listen to. I love the unexpected.

-For a Dreamer, Night’s the Only Time of Day

Another great track title, and another great track. I love the creativity these guys have not only within their titles but in their musicianship and overall sound. This song blends the catchiest of catchy with a progressive vibe and some fantastic musicianship. Likely my second favorite of the five tracks.

As a whole, the musicianship is uniformly tight and very well executed. The lead vocals are powerful, emotional, and perfectly suited for the music- and the backing vocals and harmonies are fantastic as well. The instrumentation was great and as with their songwriting there is a broad approach to the musical styles from song to song. Most impressive was their approach to songwriting, as every one of these 5 tracks had a hook that will draw in one’s initial attention paired with something completely unique. Whether it be off-tempo madness, Latin fusion, or spastic build-ups, each song clearly has its own niche.

Though the band clearly has their influences, they put their creative foot forward, followed by their talented and skillful musicianship. The fact they had me singing along with its sheer catchiness was merely a coincidence… Or was it?

Forgive Durden is band that not only deserves your attention, but is prepared to grab it. I have to admire a band that can make music that is this ready for mass consumption, but creative and unique enough to please a critic like myself.

Look for the full length ‘Wonderland’ when it drops May 9th 2006, and check out their website to see some really cool animated videos.

-Josh Hogan