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FIF Concert

Jackson Waters’ set (a band, not a guy) was pretty short. As I walked in a few minutes late after my buying frenzy, they were already on their last song. They featured an acoustic guitar along with the regular rock’n’roll instruments. Their unbridled rock sound was dramatic and gripping, compelling me to actually listen. I hadn’t even heard their name yet, but they commanded attention. I highly enjoyed their one song (stupid long merch lines) I went over to see if they had any cds available, and had an amusing chat with some band members over shirt prices (1 for 10 bucks! 2 for 20! Such a Deal!!!). I think they hate me now, but that’s ok.
Cameron Jaymes (a guy, not a band) was up next. I tried to check this guy out beforehand, but he doesn’t really exist. Despite the promoter’s claims of “famous”, this acoustic Dashboard Confessional wanna-be from California doesn’t have a website, a record label, or press releases, and only has one demo cd. His acoustic rock set would’ve been enjoyable, had I not been at an alt rock concert. While listening to his high voice, average melodic ability, and run-of-the-mill guitar lines, I took advantage of the chairs inconspicously placed about the room and saved energy.
The artist formerly known as Holland, not yet sporting a new name and but do having another guitarist, graced the stage next. The hooky dark pop/rock band also showed off their new stage presence. Their previous shows that I have witnessed have been sadly devoid of this, and this time around, they at least showed some glimmer of it. They played a set comprised of songs off their old release “Photographs and Tidalwaves”, as well as two new songs. I hope the new ones will get better before album form because they were a messy bunch of distortion and sliding, slippery guitars under moaning, slightly offkey vocals. Definitely not a highlight. “The whole world” got people jumping, and some earlier songs even brought about the demise of crowdsurfing. Oklahoma is just too conservative.
Bleach is one of my favorite live bands. They have stage presence to make other bands gnash their teeth in jealousy. If your hair isn’t standing up at the end of the performance, you just weren’t close enough. Their wild stage antics drove the audience nuts. They played songs strictly off their two T&N releases, the 2002 release “Again, for the First Time”, and their new CD “Astronomy: Legacy of a Hero” which released the day after the performance, but was sold at the concert anyway. Their driving pop punk anthems off of “Again…” were mixed with darker, mellower pieces off the new album. Their highlights were the heart-pounding “Found You Out” and the hauntingly beautiful and eerie “Jaded Now”. Their ‘last song’ was actually about 5 songs, and it was very satisfying.
Finally, the headliner Five Iron Frenzy took the stage, tearing the cover off the place. Their show is a mix of wild humor, wacky videos, self-parody, music parody, and all out ska.