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Ferocious Eagle-The Sea Anemone Inside of Me is Mighty

ferociouseagle Ferocious EagleThe Sea Anemone Inside of Me is Mighty

This indie/progressive/noise band encompasses the meaning of the word originality.

Fifty-Four, Forty or Fight

There is an old saying that goes: “WHAT THE F*CK?!?” And clearly the members of Portland, Oregon’s Ferocious Eagle have studied these ancient words, as they are applied excessively on their recently released The Sea Anemone Inside of Me is Mighty. The word strange would be a drastic understatement in trying to describe any of the 12 songs on this album. Yet for the most part the three gents in this band somehow manage to hold it all together despite constantly being on the brink of bursting at the seams and unleashing nothing but musical noise and nonsense.

Like the music, the band’s line up is slightly off-kilter with the lack of bassist: Ferocious Eagle consists of two guitarists and a drummer. The lack of low-end is present at times but is not something that is detrimental to the band’s sound. The two guitarists, Dalbey and Anderson, are good at keeping things busy with a nice variety of guitar parts interchanging between the two of them. Eric Jensen is the man behind the kit, and like his co-workers he understands dynamics to the fullest extent. The three members have a tightly wound chemistry which would be a pre-requisite for this genre(s) of tunes.

As opposed to attempting to describe this album’s sound in detail, it is more realistic that I forewarn anyone who has a “mainstream” bone in their body to avoid this CD at all costs. You WILL NOT find gratification after a mere one listen and will only end up cursing the gods of music.

However, bands like Ferocious Eagle aren’t aiming to please folks with MTV in their eyes. They are searching for folks like you on who look for deeply gratifying and artistic music (After all, that is why you are on this website, right? …RIGHT?).

Everything can be heard on this album, from subtle melodies to chaotic dissonance to circus music – even if you only hear them for seconds at a time. Other than the lack of low-end, the only real downfall may be the cluttered production. I do, however, realize anyone who attempts to produce such a dysfunctional musical conglomerate would likely experience the same issues without going well over a reasonable production budget. And these minor quirks only further add to the distinction of the Ferocious Eagle sound(s).

My personal favorite tracks would have to be “Be Not Weary, Be Not

Weak,” for the circus meets indie-folk, “Dinosaur,” for going from catchy to spazztastic noise, and “Rape Whistle” just for being what it is.

Will Ferocious Eagle ever break into the limelight? I’m gonna have to go out on a limb and say no. But will folks searching for something with a little more originality than your standard affair be pleased? I’m gonna have to say yes on this one…but don’t let me be the judge. Only you can decide if this stimulates your senses, and I urge you to prepare yourselves for 12 songs of musical debauchery.

-Josh Hogan