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Faster Faster Harder Harder-EP

Band Name: Faster Faster Harder Harder

Album Name: S/t EP

Best element: Strong vocalist and acknowledged dance tendencies
Genre: Upbeat indie-dance-rock


Label name: N/a

Band e-mail:

Whoever came up with the idea of the “treble-high recording” should be shot. Out of all of the recording problems in this world, my least favorite one is where the cymbals are so violently present that it actually makes my speakers cringe, the snare and kick drums sound like cardboard boxes, and the high guitar parts shriek with an banshee-esque ferocity while the rest of the guitar notes sound like someone stirring paste.

And yes, Faster Faster Harder Harder’s four-song EP has that horrible recording style. But other than that, this music is pretty good.

FFHH plays upbeat indie rock that falls neatly into the current parameters of the scene: funky bass lines, catchy guitar work, the occasional dance beat on the drums, and a ‘just shake your butt and don’t care about anything else in this messed up world’ mood. But never fear- these guys do it very well.

Their two strengths lie in the fact that they embrace the fact that they are a dance band and that their vocalist is excellent. The first strength is that they know where they’re at, and they don’t try to cover up or hide the fact that they want to make you dance. Why else would they throw a trancy techno remix of their best song on the end of a 3-song EP?

The second strength is their vocalist, who has both the chops and the attitude to make a band like this work. The first thing that’s obvious is the fork-tongued cynicism and sarcasm that emits from the vocalist’s mouth- but when you realize that he’s not missing any notes or committing huge range errors, it gets even better.

Their best song here is the dark and foreboding “Smith Vs. Savage”, thanks to the fact that there aren’t really any high guitar parts to make me cringe, the drums don’t sound as bad as they did in the other recordings, and the guitar/bass interactions are seriously cool.

If you like upbeat indie-rock that’s concerned with making the body move, then you will love Faster Faster Harder Harder. They deliver the goods on this short EP, and if these four songs are any indication of their future as a band, there will be probably be some hype in their future. Jump on it now by jumping on the dance floor.

-Stephen Carradini