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Any straightline emo band at one time another must sound like The Juliana Theory. TJT has done volumes of different styles, and are constantly changing. But this review is not about them. It is about Far-away. Faraway sounds like early TJT, when they were just starting out and were a punk band with less punk and more band. Far-away isn’t breaking any ground, but they sure aren’t losing any….

This demo starts off with a great intro to “Juliet, Remind Me to Thank You”. Very hooky, very sellable. The vocals are high, but not too high…they feel like they fit. That’s how this band is…the songs just fit together. The bass line in this song is very good. “Our Best Kept Secret” starts off on a seriously punk solo/riff before tossing some tight two singer chords and some teasing, I-can-be-punk-but-I’m-not songwriting. The sound just feels so at home….this band works together perfectly. This all too-short demo ends on ‘Split Decision’, which has a decidedly darker feel to it. The vocals and lyrics drive this track. The guitar part is nothing new, but it doesn’t have to be here, because the whole thing works together.

Faraway is, in one word, solid. They have a great chemistry, and their two singers are awesome. This album is for anyone who likes rock. You won’t be disappointed…cause there’s nothing to dislike. 7 out of 10, and I can’t wait for new material from them.

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