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Eyes of the Betrayer-Recovery

eyesofthebetrayerBand: Eyes of the Betrayer
Album: Recovery
Best element: The length and complexity of the songs.
Genre: Hardcore/ Spaz-core
Label: Recorse Records (
Band E-mail: info’

Six-minute hardcore songs and continuous music. What more do I need to say?
Recovery is brutal. With in-your-face screaming, doubled guitar parts, and a drummer who lives on his crash cymbals and his snare drum, this is undoubtedly the best hardcore album I have heard, period. These guys play balls-out hardcore. And it’s great.

Recovery is a five track EP that lasts 28 minutes- which is long for any EP and for a hardcore album it’s unheard of. Though it is long, the album doesn’t get boring. There are minute-long breakdowns in each song that keep you on your toes. Every time you think the song is over, and the music starts to fade the guitar jumps back in with a new riff and the song continues. This album has more energy than anything I have heard.

My first thought when I heard the album was “Atreyu?” But as I listened I realized that Eyes of the Betrayer has so much more to offer than Atreyu. EotB is as refined in Recovery as Atreyu is in The Curse, and Recovery has none of the hollowness that I have found irritating about The Curse. EotB leaves no question of what genre they are, unlike Atreyu. While Atreyu sings half of each song, EotB sings for a total of 1:30 on the whole album. They are very comfortable with being a hardcore band, which is something I am glad to hear.

This is not an album for those who kind-of like hardcore. You have to love it. Recovery is 28 minutes of brutal “kick you in your face and laugh about it” hardcore. Listen to it.

-Scott Landis