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Even So-The Distance Is Less If You Never Leave

evensoEven SoThe Distance Is Less If You Never Leave

Immediately enjoyable, literate indie-rock.

Reviewing music is risky business. The reviewer is called upon to make some grand pronouncement about the merit of art made by others. It can be awkward to write reviews of CDs that, quite frankly, aren’t great.
The writing of this review will not be marred by any such awkwardness.
Even So’s The Distance is Less If You Never Leave begins with a literate, radio-friendly indie rock gem, “Farewell to Thee, Submariner!” and rapidly rocks, rolls, and alludes its way into the heart and onto the playlists of even the most discerning listener.
Even So is very similar to The Decemberists in lyrical quality, only they replace pirates with Jacque Cousteau and Henrik Ibsen. No bandits here either, but there is a song on this album that may well be about a circus accident.
This CD is wonderful. It’s a quirky, well-written, musically pleasing bundle of idiosyncrasies. The Distance is Less If You Never Leave is an album that, quite unlike the work of The Decemberists, is not an acquired taste, nor is it one of those albums that can only be enjoyed under a very specific set of circumstances.
The Distance is Less If You Never Leave is full of catchy melodies, tight percussion and memorable turns of phrase. Watch for Even So to break out of the vibrant Baltimore scene onto a national stage. These guys are going to be big.

-Brian Burns