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Edenpark-The ___ Album

edenparkBand Name: Edenpark

Album Name: The ___ Album

Best Element: Consistently good punk rock

Genre: Punk


Label Name: PoorBoy Records

Band E-mail:

Edenpark’s style is right in the vein of punk legends such as The Misfits and the Dead Kennedys, without the horror movie or political themes. It is dark, brooding punk rock with a good “whoa” thrown in for good measure here and there.

If a revival of this style of punk music is what Edenpark is striving for, they’re on the right track. They incorporate this traditional style of punk and manage to deviate enough from track to track to make The ___ Album a good listen from start to finish.

For example, the song “It’s All Day” starts out as a punked-out 50’s style doo-wop song which becomes a more definite punk song, then transitions back to the doo-wop riff. This is contrasted with tracks like “New Way Home’ and “Ruthless Warrior” which are heavier and definitively punk.

The weakest element this album is the lyrics. The quality of writing is not consistent throughout the album. Some songs are well written, but others such as “Ruthless Warrior” are just repetitive and tiresome after the first minute of listening. Granted, lyrical maturity is not necessarily the goal of music in this genre, so if they weren’t going for that, then they have done a great job.

As far as replay value, Edenpark’s The ___ Album is worth a good couple of listens, but I personally would lose interest in this pretty quickly due to the lack of depth in the writing.

-Andrea Caruso