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Dylan Gilbert-Oh No Now I Know

dylangilbertBand: Dylan Gilbert
Album Name: Oh No Now I Know
Best Element:  Fantastic song variety for a 6 song EP.
Genre: Indie-Rock
Label: Sophie Music Group (
Band E-mail: dyg379’

Indie Rock is a genre which flourishes with a sincerity almost altogether lost in modern rock music.  Dylan Gilbert’s debut EP [u]Oh No Now I Know[/u] is no exception:  six songs full of pop-laden hooks, catches and grooves.  On top of all this, there is an abundance of original elements to each of the songs.  Lots of bands may use a similar approach to their songs, yet often they lack the substance it takes to really make them stand out in the crowd.  Luckily, with his talent and skillful songwriting Dylan Gilbert does not fall victim to just being another face in the crowd.

The album begins with an unexpected (yet great) introductory sample announcing: “Good evening ladies and gentlemen, this is Dylan Gilbert!” The guitars then kick in and for the next 23 minutes the rock doesn’t stop.

Each one of the six tracks is varied in its sound and delivery, ranging from the alt-country “You’re Not Just Saying That” to the bluesy guitar and piano heard on “Oh No Oh Now I Know”, which is the highlight of the album. The ending of the track has beautiful piano work with great a vocal piece showcasing Gilbert’s soft, somber voice.

Song styles and influences are wide ranging and borrow from such walks of music as folk, blues, pop, new wave and even more experimental material (listen to the sample work at the end of the first track “Tangled Up In Knots”). He is in fact quite a skilled musician…Dylan handles all the instrumentation, which includes guitars, bass, keys, harmonica, and even a few little extras, with the exception of 3 studio drum tracks played by a friend. Not to mention that Dylan has a voice many indie rockers would love to have: it’s powerful yet emotional with a slight twang that really distinguishes him.

Lyrically he is well-spoken and seems to say it best on the title track, when he whispers “I even put my heart on plain white paper”.  Though some of the lyrics may initially pass as somewhat typical ‘relationship’ songs, he offers a lot more sincerity than your average rocker.  You have to respect whenever someone literally puts who they are into their music. There is no faking- this music seems to be an aural representation of who Dylan Gilbert really is as a person.

With only a 6 song EP released thus far, it is safe to say Dylan Gilbert has begun his solo career with the right foot forward.  His unique blend of styles, sincere music, and skilled song writing has won me over.  Truthfully I don’t see how any open minded, avid music fan could not enjoy this.

-Josh Hogan