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Dropgun-Devil Music

dropgunBand Name: Dropgun

Album Name: Devil Music
Best Element: The use of multiple vocalists
Genre: Old-School Punk
Label Name: Ho Fist!

Band E-mail:

Dropgun’s website header sums up this band wonderfully. It says “Dropgun, Filthy Rock and Roll”- and that is exactly what it is; filthy, disgusting, dirty old school punk. While the old-school punk genre will never be my favorite, it works well with Dropgun. The four men of Dropgun have taken all their anger and rage and thrown it into 10 tracks (plus three throwaway tracks that total 18 seconds in length) about general life in a crappy town in the Midwest. The songs of Devil Music focus on things like slutty girls, a guy who wants to be in a band, suicide, and being poor. Nothing surprising, but it really is nice to hear a band get back to basics in the punk scene. These guys have taken the sounds of The Misfits and Dead Boys and added their own twist in the form of extended guitar solos to get a sound that is original- a rarity in the punk scene. If old-school punk is your thing, this is an album you must check out. If not, you still might want to, because Dropgun isn’t your average punk band.

-Scott Landis