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Dirty Money-Far From Home EP

Band Name: Dirty Money

Album Name: Far From Home EP

Best Element: Fun-loving sound

Genre: Punk


Label: Thunderstruck Records

I’ve been told that straight, dirty, old-school punk is dead. Hey, I’ve even said it. Dirty Money’s Far from Home EP is a breath of fresh air for a genre that seemed to be on its last cigarette-smoke-infused breath. Dirty Money is the basic, fun punk that Rise Against tried so hard to produce, without the overt social conscience that dragged down every fun-loving riff.

Dirty Money has reproduced not only the sound but also the feeling of carefree old school punk as they hammer along with choruses of “You will never understand” in “Between Bottles.” While the lyrics will never win a Pulitzer, it doesn’t matter because the EP chugs along with driving double guitars and the rare bass solo by bassist and vocalist Ryan.

So it’s not the most complex album of the year, but it may well be the most fun I’ve had listening to music in the past month. You will not be able to get through tracks like “123 Fest” and “Ride Easy” without at least tapping your foot. You might even start a circle pit with your friends. It really is that much fun.

-Scott Landis