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denelianBand Name: Denelian

Album Name: False:Positive

Best Element: Spot-on re-creation of the 80’s sound

Genre: New Wave Revival


Label Name: N/a

Band E-mail:

Y’know, here’s to hipster-ism. I’ve actually called out a band or two on having Joy Division or New Order roots before, and yet I’d never heard either band except for the most cursory listens (radio play, etc). But when I heard Denelian, I heard a sound that sounded so vintage 80’s that I had to go back and listen to both bands to prove to myself that I wasn’t being completely off-base by calling Denelian a band that belongs in 1985.

I’m not. Denelian is so in touch with their 80’s new-wave roots that the only band that sounds more like New Order might be She Wants Revenge. That said, this is a decent album– it just makes me feel a little bit lost in time

There’s pretty much everything you’d expect in a new-wave band- buzzy, sweeping synths; low-pitched, deadpan, warbling vocals; blocky beats; ringing guitars; perky bassist. One of the few things that differentiates Denelian from their 80’s brethren is the use of real drums, which provides a human aspect to tracks such as “Lost # 2 (In a Room)” and “Fallen Apart.” “Fallen Apart” is the track that calls into play whether Denelian might be the bridge between Coldplay’s X&Y and New Order’s Low-Life, as the modern production attached to the vintage sound sounds surprisingly like something that might appear on Coldplay’s newest album.

“Lost #1 (In the Bowery)” features some very excellently done piano, but the background synths and the vocals make it unable to shake 80’s comparisons. “Kiss Me” and “When I’m Quiet Enough to Hear Your Heart Beat” are pure 80’s pop – think “Friday I’m In Love” or “In-Between Days” by the Cure. It’s really uncanny how well they’ve studied the 80’s sound, and it makes for extremely fun listening, as these two tracks are the highlight of the EP.

Denelian’s EP False:Positive sounds like the 80’s, but if you like the 80’s sound, you should be rejoicing. They’re very good at what they do, and you will enjoy it. If you’re not a fan of the 80’s or the new wave revival that’s going around (should we call it old wave by now?), then you may want to check out some other electronic artists instead.

-Stephen Carradini