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Denelian-August 2007 EP’s,

No label

Rock that ensues dancing, and sing-a-longs that are catchy in a good way.

“Move your hips to the sound of Apocalypse” because Denelian is releasing maybe the best sound to come out of Seattle since Nirvana, and that’s got to mean the world is upside down.

The Seattle based band really sticks to its geography. The singer’s monotonous tone rings of the drab weather and the urban life of Seattle, but the gritty melodies could sound like the emotions caught up in the fog over the damp city. In Seattle you can’t quite see the mountains through the low hanging clouds, but you can hear the people buzzing underneath like Denelian’s sound. Each member of the band brings an important and unique part to their sound. The drums carry our feet to dance, and then are exemplified by the creepy sounds of the electronics makes for an instant attraction. The guitar carries with the singer, both monotonous but still having the quality of being human.

There is an underlying dirty but cleanness in Denelian. Their melodies are smooth, sometimes so perfectly rounded it could almost be white noise, the good kind. Coupled with the monotonous voice of the singer, it fits hand in hand. In “It’s Nothing Personal We’ve All Got to Eat” I can’t help but become entranced by Denelian’s slow creep through out the song.

Denelian is a well-oiled machine coming out of the Seattle fog. They layer and intertwine without being caught into that horrible web of being cheesy. They allow their listeners to dance and sing and at the same time make their music just as easy to listen to alone. Denelian says “dance!” but also has a quiet call to action that makes this irresistible.

They have an ambience that’s eerie and dark but poppy enough to make it benevolent. I was skeptical at first when I heard “Am I Down or Are You High?”. I thought they had a direct influence from She Wants Revenge but Denelian is lighter than that, it’s the context that makes the difference. They have a hint of new wave like the Birthday Party, a creepy happiness.

Denelian hasn’t reached their best yet and I am glad to say that because with what they have got now I can not wait to see what that would look like. See them live, dance with them in your car, or just put on your head phones and appreciate what there working for, just hear them!

Marilyse Diaz