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December 2022 Singles 1

1. “Groundscore” – Tipper. It’s always a little jarring coming across someone who’s a legend in their own space for the first time. I’m just getting introduced to Tipper, but probably people reading this blog need no introduction to his breakbeat-influenced upbeat techno cuts. So, for y’all: There’s a new Tipper record.

2. “LUV” – Martin Kohlstedt. An ominous piece of piano-driven electronic music that approaches from contemporary composing sensibilities. The results are exciting.

3. “Outlaw Empire” – Pull of Autumn. A loping yet intense piece of dystopian, industrial-influenced electronica.

4. “Shadow Falls (Tyler Stone Remix)” – The Paper Sea. This remix of the beautiful piano-and-trumpet composition makes rat-a-tat rhythms and chunky bass sound svelte and cool. This is a fascinating, very effective remix that draws out different elements of the song.

5. “Ah! (feat Pot​é​)” – Batida. A punchy alt-latinx piece that is energetic without losing its mysterious flair.

6. “Mad Mess” – DJ Karaba. Fuses afrobeat and house for an inventive, thumping piece.

7. “Coastline” – Elskavon. Reminiscent of mid-era Teen Daze, this electronic piece pulses and ebbs with the energy of the tension between overtly acoustic-sounding and electronic-sounding tones. It’s a warm, smile-inducing piece that also has overtones of The Album Leaf.

8. “Aura” – Glisz. Apollo 11 will probably never cease to capture American attention. This smooth, silky, deep house cut features vintage audio from the mission to set the mood.

9. “in pieces” – KMRU. Feathery, elegant, yet sturdy ambient work. Evokes peace without being flowery.

10. “Ocean” – Laraaji. This is the lead single from a four-CD box set of early work from Laraaji. It’s as mystical and lush as you would expect.

11. “Legend of Lorule” – Mikel. I love pretty much everything Mikel has put out, and this latest cut from Zelda and Chill III is no different. This inserts a lot of (lightly funky) fun into chill.

12. “Sun Tea in G Major (20 min)” – Space Between Clouds. A warm, wandering collection of drones. The piece becomes a perfect companion to meditation.

13. “Transcendence” – Liquid Mind. Eleven minutes of dense new age / ambient pad synth work that yet moves with purpose.