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IndependentClauses’ Top 10 12/28/05

1. Ringer T– Reminiscent of Damien Jurado, this smooth, simple Americana aches beautifully.

2. Broadcast Sea– Fusing dance-rock, post-hardcore, indie-rock, and emo seamlessly, these songs are extremely tightly crafted.

3. This is Rocket Science– Dramatic, complex, thick, emotional, stunning rock music.

4. Ghotti– This all-around rock band succeeds due to their wicked hooks and rock-solid vocals.

5. The Inheritance– Finally, they realize their amazing indie-pop potential. Hallelujah.

6. Devar-Toi– This is emo. Pure and simple.

7. Shots Before Sunset– Lush, flowing, beautiful ambience that fills rooms and minds.

8. Liquid Harvest– “My Mentor” is an amazing song- a true masterpiece. Liquid Harvest is definitely going places.

9. The Mark– One of the most consistent bands on PV, they always turn out solid rock with good melodies.

10. This Side of the Nightmare-Not for the faint of heart, TSOTN does hard music right- brutal precision matched with beautiful aesthetics.

Honorable Mentions: The Morning Benders (Jangly, melodic, fun indie-rock tunes.), Lloyd (Dark, vaguely dancy, rhythmic, atmospheric- a few more songs and this band will be incredibly good), The Love Machine (indie-pop), Remainder3 (Hard Rock), and Curse This Metal Body (Industrial).