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Building the State-Faces in the Architecture EP

Building the StateFaces in the Architecture EP


Layered ambient-warm experimental indie-rock with overarching emo moods.

Building the State’s four-song, 19-minute EP Faces in the Architecture is a musical accomplishment for the safe man. All four tracks have a zen-like emotional drive, but there is something they have not let loose yet.

There is no doubt that these four songs are made by real musicians who know how to make strong music. The changing time signatures they often employ are a special part of their make-up. The layers in “Untitled IV” are like a beautiful sunset, flowing very gracefully into the song. The guitars enter and work like companions – I only wish there was more emotion here, maybe in the singer’s voice or the percussion.

We are introduced to the songs almost every time with a very melodious rhythm. In fact, many of the songs seem to follow one formula: Pretty intro + hypnotizing guitars + emo lyrics= great song! This may be their style to be calm and refined, but without some jolt the prettiness of the songs seems to drag on too much. I wish we could hear more progressive movements from the band and less jam sessions.

There are bright moments, though – especially in “Intent of Harm,” where the band touches on their artistic abilities as they shift from a slow elegant rhythm to an upbeat Latin piece. In “Untitled II” it is as if something is trying to break through. Slightly distorted, the guitar entrances and bellows a yearning to be unleashed. It pulls through to make the song significant. I hope the band does unleash whatever wild creature it is holding back.

Building the State’s EP makes the members sound as if they are not risky men. They create beautiful, polished, flowing architecture, but I am yet to distinguish what faces they speak of. Building the State seems as if they are too comfortable with their style at the moment. I would love to see this band evolve into a spitting, rabid dog of emotion. They have the potential to build something great, but they have got to go back to their blueprints first.

Marilyse Diaz