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Bricks for Shoulders interview…

…And That’s When the Bricks Roll In
Bricks for Shoulders interview

Bricks for Shoulders is an aggressive hardcore band from NYC that just keeps getting better and better. Their brand new release [u]You Are, Therefore I Am…[/u] shows great improvements to their stripped-down hardcore sound and leaves listeners anxious for more. I got the chance to sit down (on the computer) and talk (email) Steven from Bricks for Shoulders. After the two of us figured out our holiday schedules, we finally got this interview. Enjoy!

Scott (IC): Ok let’s start out with your name, instrument, spark notes history of your band and your favorite touring food.

Steven: Hey I am Steven, sometimes they call me Stevie D, and I scream (?) and play guitar. Long story short, I used to be in a band called Prescott C, in which the whole two piece band came about. We were more on the Hum meets Helmet style and things began to fall apart. I moped for awhile and WAY too much anger about the crap that goes on in this world, and thought of BRICKS FOR SHOULDERS. Food? Shit, I eat anything I can get my hands on, but for the most part, it would have to be Fried Chicken from ANYWHERE!!!

Scott (IC): Bricks for Shoulders has an alternative set up (one guitar and drums). Why a two piece band?

Steven: Well, here is the thing. I bought a bass cabinet that was (makeshift) stereo-ed with a guitar speaker from our previous band. When that band faded, I tried out guitarist after guitarist, and bassist and so on…NOT ONE wanted to tour or could even play the parts exact…so I said “THE HELL WITH THIS!” and kept the way we are now. Plus, if you think about it, we’re 2 guys yelling and playing instruments like there are four of us. PLUS I HATE BANDS who have more members than needed and the lead guitarist is CONSTANTLY playing a frigging lead riff over the rhythm guitar part…WHILE THE DUDE SINGS!!! IT IS INCOHERENT!!

Scott (IC): What are your biggest influences musically?

Steven: There are so many bands that HAVE and STILL influence me. My all time favorite band is HUM. I love the atmosphere that they would create over heavy guitars and mono-tone vocals. Then there are stuff like Helmet, Some Day I, Far, Planes Mistaken for Stars, the Casket Lottery…it goes on and on. I do not want to bore the living doo-doo out of ya…YEEEEE HAW!

Scott (IC): Many of your lyrics seem to have political connotations. Do you consider BFS a political band and if so, what do you want the listener to get out of your lyrics?

Steven: I will be honest with you…I am not a political person, nor do I understand what that means. I mind my own business, and I stay alive. My lyrics deal with PEOPLE in general…these supposed mothers and fathers who neglect their children; their children playing with the SO CALLED “hidden” guns. Some songs I like to make fun of how people like to play “GOD” and do stuff like make turns without a turn signal. Do whatever they want without the thought of how it will affect the other person’s feelings. I also like to write about hypocrites. You know the “TREE HUGGING” musicians who write songs on their, ready for this? On their WOODEN GUITARS and DRUMS!!! Save the rainforest, while strum along. Am I ranting too much? Sorry…

Scott (IC) : Personally I would consider your latest album “You Are, Therefore I Am…” an amazing step forward from the first demo I heard. How was your experience in the writing of this EP different from the writing you have done in the past?

Steven: Well, I grew up a lot more, and I know that sounds weird, but I had more of an inspiration to work with. The recording process took forever, but after it was all done, and MANY of changes were made to the songs, we were very satisfied. I only regret not having it mastered…boo hoo me!!

Scott (IC): Who did the artwork for the album and where was the inspiration for that artwork?

Steven: My old drummer, Tom (who is on this record) and I love drawn out album covers, so we went with it. Some people may get it, but for those who do not, the man looking at his watch is the typical 9-5 guy, has no time to make his wife or kid happy, and hates commuting. The kid to the right of him is the YOUNG guy without a care in the world, and always speaks to his friends about how will NEVER ever become one of “THEM.” We all know later in life, we all do. Our friend Jessica did the rest of the artwork. She busted her ass on it, and we appreciated very much.

Scott (IC): When a kid comes out to see BFS at a local club what can they expect from your live show?

Steven: A whole lot of HOPEFUL whoop ass. I think people who have never seen us are in AWE that there are only 2 guys making a racket! Shit, I would.

Scott (IC): What are your touring plans in the coming months?

Steven: I think our label Far Between Records ( is setting up a small spring tour and a full extensive one in the coming summer time.

Scott (IC): Thanks a lot man, good luck.

You are thanking US?! I think we should be thanking you for are taking the time out of your busy schedule to help us out. Thank you Scott.

-Scott Landis