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Brian Buta – False Colors

brian-buta-album-artBrian Buta – False Colors


A driving modern rock collection with a hit mix of vocals, musicality and character

It’s been said by music critics that the golden days of classic-rock, or what some describe as years when talent was still attributed to popular music, are over.  But with musicians like Brian Buta making music, it seems like the tradition is still alive.

Brian Buta admits that False Colors is an eclectic variation of styles, but this diversity gives the songs a character that sets it apart from the average classic-rock influenced album.  Buta proves that he can pull off styles ranging from the driving, industrial opener “Caloris Basin” to the dark, intense “Black Ring,” all with an expert sense for composing his intense album with flow and grace.

False Colors, Buta’s first full length solo album, is brimming with potential.  Buta’s mesmerizing vocals soar over lyrics that range from impactful to deep and experiment with different styles and attitudes.

In the midst of all these styles it’s not difficult to find Buta’s dedication and passion for music.  The fact that he’s not afraid to expand his talents into a broad range of rock is admirable, especially in the face of musicians who tend to stick to the popular or known path.

“Motion Action” is the best song on the album.  It’s a culmination of all the greatest elements heard in previous songs: the driving force of “Caloris Basin” and “Emergency,” the vibrant vocals and melody of “The Ocean Floor,” the full, soaring rhythms of “Control.”

Also noteworthy is “Screens,” which is song one can lose oneself in.  The vocals are ensnaring, the lyrics are deep, and the interplay between the guitar and electric piano is perfect.

However, all the songs are worthy of notice.  The only weak point of False Colors might lie in the lack of variation between the first three songs, but from there out the album only becomes more and more gripping.  By the time the listener has reached “Young and Old,” a dark melody that with an unconventional beat, and “Motion Action,” it’s evident that Brian Buta knows how to put a classic album together.

Hannah Kokjohn