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Bored? Me? Never

Bored? Me? Never.

A band once explained to me that the entirety of being in a band could be summed up as “long periods of boredom followed up by brief periods of intense activity.” I’ve forgotten which interview this occurred in (after four or five it all becomes the same if it’s not written down), but it is an accurate description. There’s touring – living 23.5 hours a day to get to that one half-hour of passion; there’s recording – recording parts separately over and over until what seems like kingdom come before finally hearing the song together; and there’s post-production, where you wait endlessly for the CDs to be done before kicking it into high gear for CD release mode. The motto holds true in almost every scenario a band encounters.

The magazine industry is the exact opposite: long periods of intense activity followed by brief periods of boredom. It seems like we’re always doing something, and there never seems to be enough time to get to everything. Putting out a magazine is a huge undertaking – much bigger than I ever imagined.

Strictly on the visual side, this edition includes live photos (the gorgeous Evens pictures), provided photos (the Ghost of Monkshood story), an illustration (the talented Jason Flack providing amazing OK Tokyo art) and tons of CD art. All of that had to be painstakingly culled from all over the place.

But even with all the chaos that surrounds the compiling of a magazine, I wouldn’t trade it. I genuinely love the bands we cover and their great ideas. Both OK Tokyo and The Felix Culpa make seriously good music but don’t take themselves too seriously; the Ghost of Monkshood takes their fans very seriously. We’ve got access to Band Marino’s brain on how they write; we’ve got access to several artist’s opinions on encores. We’ve also got the ubiquitous top-ten lists; no music magazine is complete without them.

So enjoy the issue – we’re going to enjoy our brief period of boredom before ratcheting up for the next edition.

Stephen Carradini

Editor-in-chief, Independent Clauses Magazine