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Books About UFOs-Let the Bridges Ignite

booksaboutufosBand Name: Books About UFOs

Album Name: Let the Bridges Ignite
Best Element: The consistence of the instrumental quality
Genre: Punk

Label Name: Sickboy Records

Band E-mail:

Maybe you’ve noticed that I very rarely give anything a straight-ahead label like “punk.” I will usually call a band “punk with a splash of hardcore” or “mellow post-hardcore rock,” but a single word genre definition is a rarity in my reviews. That being said, I want to see these guys live. The album is good, but it’s your standard punk album. It has a lot of energy but you can tell that all the energy isn’t there- something always gets lost in the recording process. But overall the album is good.

I don’t listen to much punk, mainly because it generally all sounds the same. But unlike the average punk album Let the Bridges Ignite varies its sound. The first thing I noticed was that each song ends before the next begins. When it’s used right, connecting songs through similar chord progressions can be cool, but it’s being over used in punk (mainly because a lot of bands don’t know enough chords). The guys of Books About UFOs know how to change up the chords and tweak their sound to give it something intangible. This intangible takes the album from average to good. But please remember, I don’t like listening to punk albums, so my statement of “it’s good” would be “wow this is the best thing since sliced bread” from any other reviewer.

The album never falters. From the opening instrumental track to the final chord, the instrumentals and vocals never lose their edge.

This is a good album. I really can’t say much more. Their album is consistent and fun to listen to. The review you will want to read will be the review of their live show (guys please come east!) because that is where punk thrives.

-Scott Landis