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Bleach has been around a long time. BUT, this is their first release on Tooth and Nail, and first with the new members. They were always punk, but what are they now?

Answer: Better Punk. It’s much more raw, real, and better sounding. After a short acoustic intro, “Baseline” features, coincidentally, a great bass line. Also, a catchy chorus, and a cool solo are prominent. The lyrics talk about moving on to better things, which is a theme throughout the album. The lead riff of “Celebrate” almost sounds like part of “Baseline”, but it’s abandoned almost immediately. It’s not that interesting of a song. “Broke In the Head” laments an argument between two people where nothing is being said. It is extremely catchy, in chorus and verse, which is uncommon. It’s great. The lead single, “We Are Tomorrow” opens with a great drum riff and hopeful, inspiring lyrics about youth has promise. I’ve personally moshed to this song….and let me tell ya, it’s awesome. Great song. “Fall Out” is an apology to a girlfriend. Definitely the most successful one ever, it’s a complex song that is as fun as it is varied. The mostly unoriginal mid-tempo song “Weak At The Knees” follows. It features a great breakdown though. “Found You Out” is one of the catchiest anthems on the CD, which begs to be sung to, and has a positive message that “I can’t say that it’s figured out, but everything will work out somehow.” The riff is infectious, and this is hands down my favorite song on the album. “Said a Lot” follows the same pattern as the previous song, but doesn’t have as cool a riff. A driving, different style riff creates an odd mood for “Almost Too Late”. I don’t know why it’s different than all the others, but it is. It’s good anyway, and they play an awesome solo. The next song, veritably the most creative, is called “Andy’s Doin Time”. It’s about leaving friends and family while touring. It’s funny, poignant, and features really interesting instrumentation in the verses. “Knocked Out” is the worst of the three songs with ‘out’ in the title on this cd. It’s a midtempo lead in to “Jenn’s Song”, which is a really pretty but short acoustic song. It ends with the same ditty the CD started with, which is very fitting.

Bleach is ready to get a move on. This whole CD is about moving on, moving to better things, and moving to make things right. I say you should move to go get this if you like catchy, fun, good for you punk. 8 out of 10