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Band Name: Cameran-A Caesarean

cameranBand Name: Cameran

Album Name: A Caesarean

Best Element: Good musicianship and production

Genre: Hardcore


Label Name: Innocent Words

Band E-mail:

Cameran’s sound will take you back in time about fifteen years – back to the days when Victory Records was all about screamy hardcore and angry lyrics.

For many of the tracks on A Caesarean, your ears will be attacked with brooding guitars and angry, violent screaming about the various things that piss them off. They have a message to convey, and they do well in coupling that angry message with an angry delivery.

This is not to say that there is no diversity to be found within their style, either. Just when you think Cameran is all about shouting their frustration with a myriad of injustices, they mix things up and give you “Headphone Music Op 001”, which is a very somber sounding instrumental. It is a slow and sensitive song, with strings that cry out to you. It is a nice break in the CD from the brutal screaming.

The production quality is very well done. In spite of the screaming and distortion, the sound quality of the record is crisp and clean.

It should also be noted that the musicianship on A Caesarean is remarkable for the genre. They are able to combine the thick, brooding guitar style with fierce screaming vocals without having the result being an assault on your eardrums. All things considered, this is a fairly easy album to listen to.

-Andrea Caruso