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Band Marino article

Band Marino on Writing

Band Marino plays a unique fusion of indie-pop and folk on their latest album The Sea and the Beast. Nate Williams was able to sit down with several of the members at The Conservatory in Oklahoma City, on October 14th, 2007: Nathan Bond (Lead Vocals/ Guitar), Jesse Adams (Guitar) and Abraham Couch (Bass).

IC: You guys definitely have a very interesting sound. I mean, I listen to a lot of folk, but I’ve never heard that kind of indie-pop/folk fusion like you guys do. It’s really unique. I’m just curious how it formed.

NB: You know, I really don’t think it was intentional, at all. It’s not really thought out. I think that it’s ever-changing. I think that the way this record [The Sea & The Beast“> sounds is going to be extremely different from the next one. I think we’re, honestly, still trying to find our footing and discover where we’re going. I mean, it’ll always be changing, I think. It’s never going to be, “Well, here we are.”

I mean, I have very distinct ideas. We have very distinct ideas for the next record specifically, but that’s as far ahead as you can really think.

AC: But we have a lot of roots in country music as well as pop and indie.

IC: What are some of your influences then, besides the country and stuff?

NB: My favorite bands were, like, The Pixies, Radiohead, Bob Dylan and… You know, I like so much stuff. Like Zeppelin…

JA: Yeah, Zeppelin and Queen and D’jango Rhinehart, The Clash… Just a bunch.

NB: Yeah, we just listen to all kinds of stuff. You know, I like The Pogues [referencing back to a previous conversation where I mentioned to Nathan my love of Celtic Rock”>. I just listen to all kinds of stuff. So it’s hard to say sometimes what your influences are. I mean, like, right now, easily my biggest influence as a songwriter is Spaghetti Western music. Ennio Morricone is easily my biggest influence right now. I’m actually making an attempt to draw on mariachi music and Morricone stuff right now because it’s my favorite music and it’s like an exercise for me.
IC: A little like “Como Se Dice, Senorita?” [The full title of the track, from their album The Sea & The Beast is “Como Se Dice, Senorita – Act I: The Layman’s Lament,” and it carries a heavy Hispanic influence”>

NB: Not really. I mean, people say that. I’ve heard people say that. But I wouldn’t quite say that that’s where that fits in with what I’m doing right now. That, to me, comes more from The Pixies. When I wrote that, I meant it to be like homage to The Pixies. It’s just a fast, crazy punk song with mandolin in it. Which is what I wanted it to be, which isn’t necessarily The Pixies, but it is kind of, you know? But it’s definitely structured like a Pixies songs and I think there’s a lot of things that I’m paying, really, towards three particular Pixies songs. But some of the newer things I’m writing, we’re playing one of those songs tonight that we wrote together, it’s deliberately in that vein. I think that’s a good exercise. I like doing it. A portion of the next record: I want it to have that feel. I want the art to have that feel. It’s something I’m excited about doing as a concept. It’s a storyline that I started writing on this tour that is kind of all the pieces that are in that vein. They’re about something specific. So I’m excited about finishing that and bring that together. It’s my goal for the next three or four months.

But you know, at the same time, we’re writing a new EP. Right now, we pretty much have it written, it’s just a matter of getting home and recording it and tightening up some of the loose ends. That’s totally different from [the music for the next album”>. That’s totally folk music. Straight up. Some of the guitars that Jesse’s doing are kind of D’jango-esque. Some of it’s not at all. The bass is all upright or in that vein. We’re not playing any of those songs on this tour, but it’s going to be on vinyl. It’ll probably come out when [The Sea & The Beast“> comes out, which is officially in February.

IC: So you guys have the EP coming, the release of The Sea & The Beast, and you’re working on stuff for a new album. What else are you guys envisioning for the future? Do you have a grand master plan or something like that?

NB: [Laughs”>

AC: We want… to be on tour?

[All laugh”>

– Nate Williams