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April 2021 Singles: 2

Last updated on April 29, 2021

1. “Trails” – Speak, Memory. Emo, meet jam. This heady, loose, exploratory composition feels like if American Football (or Football, Etc.) got fused with Garcia Peoples: lots of ideas, lots of vibes, lots of room to feel. Twinkly guitars for everyone! Highly recommended.

2. “Wild Bill” – Opus Kink. I’ve never heard anything quite like this: folk-pop chassis, dance-rock rhythm and bass section, Spaghetti Western horns and keys, howling theatrical vocals, and group chant create a truly wild experience. This would be an absolute blast to see live. Highly recommended.

3. “Holiday” – Samplehound. There’s something about Kraftwerk-inspired songs that get me. This synths-and-drums landscape takes motorik rhythms as a backdrop for something more emotional and evocative. There are hints of Daft Punk throughout. It’s a compelling jam.

4. “Great Beyond” – DJ Spandex. House rhythmic components meet EDM melodies in post-dub landscapes for a big techno cut that bangs but tastefully never goes over the top.

5. “Shade” – Mountain Head. Rock, techno, and swampy vibes meld seamlessly for a fascinating tune that defies genre expectations.

6. “Masked Souls” – Alberto Rigoni feat. Nathan East & Michael Manring. Put three bassists on a track and let ’em go for it. This is a uniquely interesting collaboration that spans post-rock, jazz, and rock effortlessly.

7. “From Thin Air” ft. Lisel – Tristan Kasten-Krause. Fans of Julianna Barwick and Alex Dowling will find this piece compelling: a series of drones created out of vocals, punctuated by swooning vocals and occasional bass. It’s embodied but also ethereal; grounded, but aspiring to float.

8. “Unfold Yourself” – Slowburner. A pulsing, pressing piano piece that borrows from electronic music for ideas, to great effect.

9. “Fog Rolls Out Rabun Gap” – Ben Seretan. Some “found sounds” work revels in the tranquil, quiet environments that the recording captures. Seretan’s encourage all sorts of sonics into the mix: running water, birds, cicadas, breeze, insects, and other sounds of nature. The improvised piano notes over the top are a perfect compliment to the enfolding sounds of nature, gentle treble cascades that evoke peace and joy. Truly lovely.

10. “Millo Kru” – Rizomagic. I’m always enthralled when I don’t know what to call a piece of music. This piece pairs melodic percussion with squiggly casio-esque notes before dropping into a funky, scruffy, charmingly upbeat dance rhythm of some sort. Rizomagic calls this music tropical futurism, and I am inclined to believe it; this is as earthily tropical as it is zoomingly electro.