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Anything August Eh?

Anything August Eh?

By Nadine Ariate

Canada- the country viewed as having perpetual winters, igloos, and infamous for the phrase “eh”. Canada is also the country most musically renowned for Avril Lavigne, Shania Twain and Sum 41. However, in the explosion of musical talent coming out from Canada and hitting international airwaves, are there any more bands in the country most well-known for its frigid temperatures that have the possible chance of making a spark in the music industry?

The name Anything August may not mean a lot to most people. However, this amazing band coming out of Kitmat, British Columbia, is quite a powerhouse of rock, emotion and fun. Their music can be heard on Purevolume, their personal website and even Myspace. My favourite song of theirs is definitely “Last Minute” because of the aggressive electric guitars, simple drum beat and amazing bass. I’m not too good with nitpicking the musical details, but I really like their stuff. I was able to snag a bit of their time and get these questions answered.

IC: How did all of you get into the music you’re into now?

AA: By just listening to what we like and following it where it goes, or the same ways anyone would get into the music they like.

IC: What was the biggest challenge(s) for you guys as a band initially?

AA: Getting people to take us seriously, because there were a lot of closed minded people in our high school at the time. Plus, our first whack of performances was probably pretty bad too.

IC: What is your biggest challenge now musically?

Our next goal! Anyway…to get to it, to step up and evolve – that’s our challenge. That, or nightmares about UFOs…UFOs freak me out.

IC: How did you get your name?

AA: I dreamt it, yo. I plucked it from the flow of my subconscious on a relaxing trip to Vancouver to see the Red Hot Chilli Peppers. What a wicked show they put on.

IC: What influences your music most?

AA: Life, other music, positivity, rabbits, and coal miners – you know, the usual.

IC: Do you guys all work together on the songs in a “jam session” or work on the material in sections before meshing them together into one song? How long does it take for song writing usually?

AA: It can be any of those things, it can be a combination of those things, or it can be everything at once. It could take from twenty minutes to a couple weeks to write a song for us. It depends, because sometimes they come out quick. Although [there are”> some songwriters take years to write songs, we haven’t done one of those yet. [We”> couldn’t imagine working on one song for a year and beyond.

IC: What are your top five major goals as a band?

AA:5. Rocking out.

4. Stuffing our pants.

3. Becoming successful.

2. Jammin’ them tasty lixx.

1. Writing tasty tunes!

IC: Finally, the most important question ever – do you prefer Twix or Mars bars? Please explain why.

AA: It really depends what kind of delicious mood I am in at that very moment when it is time to choose. I personally would go for the Twix, because Mars is just too nuggety for me…Twix are pretty deadly now that I think of it.

Just by looking at the responses, you can tell that these guys like having fun but are also serious about the music they make. I suggest listening to the songs “Last Minute”, “Run”, and “Anastasia”. With the whole promotional mumbo jumbo aside is the question about Canadian bands and their credible musical heat true? Are there any more bands in the country most well-known for its frigid temperatures that have the possible chance of making a spark in the music industry? Definitely.

Anything August is just one band and that is just one interview. There’s a lot of undiscovered talent out there that has yet to be heard and the Canadian stereotype definitely doesn’t match the music making scene up north. Where do you think bands such as Default, Nickelback, The Arcade Fire or even Michael Bublé come from? [editor’s note: or you could go with Of Montreal, Broken Social Scene, Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Despistado, Stars, and Inner Surge”> Igloos don’t even come close.