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Andy Werth-Seeing Stars EP

Last updated on May 12, 2019

Andy Werth – Seeing Stars EP


Smile-producing, honest-to-goodness pop romps that are fun for everyone.

I don’t feel ashamed in admitting that I am truly a sucker when it comes to pop music (Sucker…pop…get it?). I tend to favor melodies that sweetly stay stuck in my head. And if said pop also has a layer of complexity and different flavoring, I find it truly delicious. But bad puns aside, Andy Werth’s latest EP Seeing Stars has these truly delectable characteristics and is a pop treat enjoyable for all.

The EP opens with the possibly ironic “Goodnight,” which starts with a slower tempo but soon picks up the pace in the chorus. Here, with the entrance of a stronger drumbeat and jubilant brass, “Goodnight” becomes irresistible. The music itself is upbeat and buoyant, but is juxtaposed with lyrics about a lost love. This never feels odd though, and Andy Werth and his band pull off the contrast beautifully throughout Seeing Stars.

“Snowing in Buffalo” begins in a similar way to “Goodnight,” but then definitely proves to be a unique installment. The chorus in this one is snappy and attention-grabbing, and makes me want to dance happy circles in my apartment (my roommate was thankfully not home to witness that). I also love the harmonies, which make “Snowing in Buffalo” very full-sounding. The momentum continues to drive forward with “Tower,” which develops very well. The various verses, hooks, and choruses feel like movements instead of sections, and when the song ends, you are left with a sense of totality.

Things take an old-fashioned turn with “Miss Lonely,” which is youthful, but also delivers wonderful narrative. Some sections are repeated several times, but it never feels repetitious or old. There is always something new to listen to and enjoy. Seeing Stars ends with “It’s Alright,” a sincere lamentation concerning a tongue-tied individual. It’s about someone who tries not to get too sentimental by often saying “it’s alright with me.” This theme has got to be something that everyone can relate to. But again, this song never gets too down because of its fun melody. “It’s Alright” concludes with a gorgeous piano outro that is much more than “alright.”

Overall, Seeing Stars has the power to enchant, and in under twenty minutes to boot. Andy Werth really has something strong going on here, and I am excited to hear what a full-length album might be like someday. This EP is recommended for all fans of pop, storytelling, or smiling.

-Megan Morgan