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Andrea’s Top 5 Albums of 2004:

Andrea’s Top 5 Albums of 2004:

Garden State Soundtrack – While this movie was fabulous, and sadly, did not get the Golden Globe recognition it deserved, I must give Zach Braff credit for putting together a fantastic soundtrack. It combines both old (Simon & Garfunkel) and new (The Shins) music and is just a soothing CD to listen to over and over again. It evokes a calm, happy feeling. This one stayed in my CD player for a good long while.

The Descendents – Cool to be You LP & ‘Merican EP – These two get listed together since they both came out this year and they are both equally awesome. I love the Descendents to death and when I heard, way back in 2003, that they were releasing two new Cds, I waited with fevered anticipation. Then I preordered them, so I would be certain to have them in my hands they day that Cool to Be You was released. This is not a decision that I regret.

Taking Back Sunday – Where You Want to Be – People rip on Taking Back Sunday for becoming popular. I don’t care. I still love them to death, and this CD just proved them worthy of my admiration. It’s a slightly different sound than their first release, yet still won me over.

Fall of Transition – Retrace a Lost Design – I will admit, I was sent this CD in my first package of CDs to review for Independent Clauses, but it quickly became a staple in my record collection. I think I’ve listened to it once a week since I got it. They have a new CD coming out this year, and judging from the songs they have posted on Purevolume…it only gets better from here.

Concisebloc – All I Should Have Said: What a great release this was. It is gut wrenching, powerful, passionate, and I am completely addicted. From the intensity of the music and the honesty of the words – any fan of music in the “screamo” vein should pick up a copy…stat.

-Andrea Goodwin