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Anchor. Cooking Time: 22 minutes and 45 seconds Feeds: Your hunger for good rock music. Ingredients: Modern rock, hard rock, emo, together or separately. Instructions: Place disc in CD player. Prepare for an experience. Play music. Get excited. Repeat steps 3 and 4 liberally.

As if getting us ready, a guitar windup leads us into the brooding, thundering bass of “All the Uncertains”. The song is a dark, heavy anthem, but one that never resorts to screaming. It hooks you with the emotion that bleeds into the vocals. Vocals make or break a band these days, and this time they make it. John-Henry Velez’s voice is strong and secure, filling the space allotted to him by the instruments. His choruses are powerful, but not deadly like hardcore. Another instance of power is the dense sound that is Anchor’s trademark. Their guitars chug away at power chords and other thick patterns to create a cutting edge modern rock sound. They dabble in other genres, as noted above, but they are a rock band first and foremost. This is most clearly shown on “Prodigal”, the catchiest rock song I’ve heard since “The Red” by Chevelle. Another great song is the side trip into emo, “Everything’s Gray”.

When I heard this, the skies opened up and the modern rock holy grail fell out of the sky. Any of these songs would be a number one hit if they were signed. Fierce but never sharp, they portray their power in a crushing wall that is still able to retain melody perfectly. That’s what makes them so good…they blend all their influences 100%. It’s uncommon, and because of it, someone’s going to regret not signing these guys. And it will be very soon. Secure yourself a copy of this EP, hold onto it, and let it appreciate. In a couple years, when they’re ridiculously famous, you can sell for 100 bucks on Ebay.