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A Sign of the Times

A Sign of the Times

Ah, yes: The computer failure. The inevitable sign of our times, that horrible disease that inflicts hopelessness, lost productiveness, and anger amongst so many- yes, it has hit the IC. Total computer death. Right before deadline, too. But never fear- our trooper Michael Schwartz is trickling in reviews as he can from other computers. Check back, as reviews will be added sporadically throughout the month.

Song: The Rolling Hills
Band: PoorFolk
Genre: Acoustic/Emo
Album: Poorfolk
Label: White Whalee
Bottom line: VERY good!

With stunning layered acoustic arrangement, scarce drumming and warm bass, “The Rolling Hills” definitely paints a picture reminiscent of its title. Female vocalist Savannah Buskin’s backup vocals are also a nice touch, softening the music and making it more diverse. Poorfolk’s music converses within itself as delicate acoustic guitars answer each other harmoniously. Their softness and subtlety are truly the defining characteristic. The redeeming quality, though, is the more complex finger picking and folk-ish sound that sets Poorfolk apart in the abundant world of run-of-the-mill “emo.”

Song: Disconnecktie
Band: Norma Jean
Genre: Metal
Album: Oh God, The Aftermath
Label: Solid State Records
Bottom Line: Definitely some talent.

“Disconnecktie” is a 10-minute song, opening with a palm-muted ocean of sound for about 2 minutes. This intro sets the mood, leading into a very introspective set of vocals which match the guitars in dramatic effect. The simplicity that the next portion of the song produces seems empty, because the song could’ve gone a different way that could have displayed the bands talent more effectively. But overall, Norma Jean has written a quality song worthy of some of your time.

-Michael Schwartz