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A Cat Called Cricket-Here Comes Another Melody

catcalledcricketA Cat Called Cricket – Here Comes Another Melody

The Beechfields Record Label

As a music reviewer, I have classified music into three tiers of album. I’ll listen to some CDs I review regularly even after my review goes to print – those are first-tier CDs. Some CDs I review were ok, maybe even good, but will gather digital dust on my hard drive until I finally delete them or integrate them into my rotation. Those are second-tier CDs. Third-tier CDs I delete from my hard drive immediately. Unfortunately, such CDs tend to haunt my dreams.

In Here Comes Another Melody, A Cat Called Cricket has crafted an album full of well-crafted, intimate, listenable songs that is certainly what I would call a first-tier CD.

Here Comes Another Melody begins well. “Seasons Never Change” is fun, witty pop gem driven by strings and Anthony Champagne’s solid vocals. He has one of those voices that certainly isn’t boring, but isn’t strange either—very easy to listen to.

“A Shimmer” is a truly great song. Champagne’s gifts as a songwriter and arranger are wonderfully apparent in this song, and the decision not to include vocals in this track is only a couple notches below the Beatles’ decision to include strings in “Eleanor Rigby” in terms of musical awesomeness. This song just works. “While You Sleep” is an intimate pop love song that is a lot less creepy than it sounds.

Here Comes Another Melody is an album full of melodic, accessible folk/pop. It’s nine good songs that together constitute a good album. If you’re looking for a gentle introduction to folk this one is for you.

-Brian Burns