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16 Years!

Independent Clauses has been around for 16 years. In many states, this blog would now be able to drive a car. That’s a pretty amazing thing to me. This is also the year where the blog has officially been in my life longer than it’s not been in my life: I’m 31, and the blog has been running for 16 years of my life and not running for 15 years of my life.

I decided that for the grand turning of 16, I would get responsible with the blog. 16 is a big age full of new responsibilities for many teenagers, and so it’s fitting. To that end, I link-checked the last 8 or so years of the blog, fixing broken Soundcloud links, lost album art, and other such tragedies for hundreds and hundreds of posts. I updated the back-end of the blog (woohoo latest PHP version!). I moved the blog to my own hosting off shared hosting (thanks for hosting us for years, Chris!).

In one of the bigger changes that I made, I’ve closed comments on the blog. I haven’t ever had that many comments on IC, and the vast majority of the comments we’ve received in the last few years have been spam. I’ve been paying for Akismet monthly to keep spam comments off the site (thanks, Akismet! You were great!), but the time has come to acknowledge that people who talk about IC do it on social media and not in comments. So I’ve turned off comments here, but I am still up and open for comments on Twitter, Facebook, and in email.

One of my goals for this year is to look into getting a new visual identity for Independent Clauses. We haven’t ever had a full, consistent visual identity; our logo was designed in the mid-’00s by a designer whose name I can only remember as Calvin. (Sorry, Calvin.) Chris Krycho designed this WordPress theme in the early ’10s. We’ve never had versions of the logo that were specifically designed for display on social media sites. I can’t remember when I invented our current slogan. So I’m looking to do a big refresh on everything visual for the blog. If you know someone who may be interested in this proposition, let me know. I don’t have a clue what this might cost but I’m happy to talk with people about it.

So that’s 16 years, y’all–getting responsible, doing important backend work, making the future of the blog more nice for people. I still love new music. I still want to write about it. Here’s to 16 more years.