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Wreckless Process-Pull Your Own Weight


Band Name: Wreckless Process
Album Name: Pull Your Own Weight
Best Element: Heavy, infectious rhythm
Genre: Modern Rock
Label Name: Vigilant Records (
Band E-mail:

In today’s industry, where a new modern rock band is being churned out and promoted right to the top of the charts on a daily basis, it’s hard to look at another new band in that vein of music without some degree of cynicism. Then there are bands like Wreckless Process, which take this much-abused vein of music to a whole new level. With a heavy, driving sound and cleverly written lyrics, this Tulsa, Oklahoma, act shows that this genre is not dead yet.

With Pull Your Own Weight, Wreckless Process has taken the style of the darker rock bands like Chevelle, Tool, and A Perfect Circle and made it their own, coming up with a debut album chock full of high quality and incredibly talented music. There is nothing on this disc which disappoints, as it is high-energy, engaging, and remarkably well produced, courtesy of Ryan Wallace and Steven Egerton (of Descendents fame) at Armstrong Recording.

The two tracks on this CD which stand out most are “More to Believe” and “Room for Growth”. Both share a common theme of self-reliance and coping with the reality of life, with lyrics such as “This I ask of you/look for your own truth/inside you/never compromise” ( from “More to Believe”) and “Take pieces of the past/and keep them in your mind/use them as a guidance tool as you’re moving through in life/keep in mind/there’s always room for growth inside” (from “Room for Growth”). It is apparent that in spite of their darker sound, they are able to communicate a very real and almost positive message.

The eleven tracks on Pull Your Own Weight capture the essence of this band’s immeasurable talent, which is bound to garner them a national following.

-Andrea Caruso