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Wiz Khalifa first time performance in the ATL

I finally got to check out the underground Atlanta rap scene, after a long period of seeing what I was missing when surfing the internet in my dorm in the culturally unfulfilling Conway, Arkansas. Atlanta is known mainly for its Dungeon Family Glory Days (Outkast, Goodie Mob, etc.; but they are getting back together!),  T.I., and the incredibly obnoxious Gucci Maine and Soulja Boy.

The Show was at a place called Cenci at East Atlanta, and Pittsburgh Native Rapper Wiz Khalifa was headlining ( with Atlantans Siya ( and Gripp Plyaz ( performing as well.  The doors opened at 10, but the show got started at 12:30 and there seemed to be a problem with Dj’s not showing up, also Young Scolla from Detroit was supposed to perform but did not. Also the headliner Wiz Khalifa played first, which meant the venue was pretty empty when he was done. Besides that, the rappers put on a really good show. Wiz Khalifa stuck to tracks off of his recent mixtape Flight School, and the crowd knew all the songs which made Wiz Khalifa receptive to the audience.  Gripp Plyaz got on the mic next, and did only two songs, but his performance was full of raw energy. Siya’s performance was the most impressive of everyone.  Siya is a little firecracker of a woman from brooklyn who basically just killed the mic. Sean Falyon( also came on stage to do a track with her. Mums FP ( who helped host the show performed at the end and did some unreleased tracks from his upcoming full length lp. When Mums FP came on stage, there was me, 3 freinds, and about 8 other people around the stage, but he gave it all his heart. I don’t think I’ve seen a rapper push so hard in front of so little people, even though such a deed will not get them the big bucks, garner national recognition, or fame. Ultimatley, I have to say great show and great performers. These men and women put their heart into this show even though the crowd died (I’m a bit skeptical of Gripp Plyaz on this one, but a lot of apprecation to him for rocking the stage with so few people…).

There’s a really interesting rap scene in Atlanta as illustrated by this show, but it will have problems picking up steam if the Atlanta promoters are really bad as they were with this event. But for all who attented to the end, they got a great show.