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Will Rock For Jesus

Will Rock For Jesus is a compilation of a bunch of Christian rock bands, if it wasn’t inherently obvious by the title. It hardly warrants an introduction.

This cd was put together by the pop-friendly Word Records, and it shows, completely. If there are three words to describe this, they are: radio-ready, catchy, and upbeat. In fact, even some bands that are normally consistently rock (Denison Marrs, Seventh Day Slumber, and GS Megaphone) have contributed (errr, had songs chosen for them) that are more poppy than average. In fact, the only two hard songs here are the emo-rock stylings of Cool Hand Luke and the nearly metal EastWest (an odd inclusion on this pop-filled disc). That’s not to say that harder is better. Sometimes you just need a good pop song. The best candidates for this are actually near the end of the album. “She” by Radial Angel is a jubilant, shameless pop/rock love song, and it’s infectious as the flu. You just have to feel happy after hearing it. A little more on the melancholy side is GS Megaphone with “Beautiful World”, a rocker that has definite Our Lady Peace vibes. And with a slightly more dark feel is Number One Gun with “On and On”, which, despite having a cliché name, is a nice light emo song.

Well, this hardly lives up to its name. For most people, this just isn’t worth the time. But for some people who like an occasional upbeat song in your White Stripes/Thursday-dominated CD cases, this just might do the trick for ya.

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