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What about your old albums?

May 1, 2006

What about your old albums?

It is pretty obvious that I am a huge advocate of new music. I love to search through bands on Purevolume and find small bands with 100 plays that are doing something new or great. But as much as I love doing that I also love going through my own music collection and finding good albums that I haven’t listened to in a year. And I truly believe that listening to old music that you like is as important as finding new music. It keeps you from slitting your wrists when you can’t find good music, you have something to compare the new music to, and you are able to find great new things in old albums.

About three weeks ago I pulled Funeral for a Friend’s Casually Dressed and Deep in Conversation out of my collection for the first time in over a year. It was an album I liked but wasn’t terribly impressed by at the time I got it. Listening to it now, I’ve found a wealth of innovative musical and lyrical content. Every time I pull an old album of my collection it seems surprise me- and because of the lack of recent releases, I’ve been pulling a lot of old albums out.

Recently I’ve re-discovered:

Alexisonfire- S/t

Boys Night Out – Make Yourself Sick

Billy Talent – S/t

Funeral for a Friend – Causally Dressed and Deep in Conversation

Thrice – Vheissu

Check those albums out and try getting some of your old albums out. It will really surprise you when you realize what bands you have forgotten about.

-Scott Landis


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