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What about all those other bands?

What about all those other bands?

It is really a pity that every band which deserves attention and press doesn’t get it. You can go out to hundreds of shows and see hundreds of great bands, but only some of those bands will get attention- just because the music scene is so saturated with bands. This is one of the reasons I started working for Independent Clauses- but even when you go out of your way you can’t review or give press to every band out there that deserves it.

This month I have gone through all my music and I have found a few of bands (in no particular order) that should at least be listened to, because no matter how impossible I know it is, I still want to give each band a little bit of press. So here goes:

Relonic (

I usually don’t go for Christian stuff like this but Sam Kim is a really great guitar player and great lyricist. I actually got the chance to play with Sam this summer, which was a great experience. He’s young but he will end up doing something that will blow everyone’s mind.

Time and Distance (

I’ve really been enjoying acoustic stuff lately and these guys really deliver the goods. Signed to I Surrender, these guys deserve every bit of successes they get. It’s emotionally charged acoustic rock that just really hits home sometimes. Maybe I’m a sap but I like it.

Full Surrender (

I never thought anyone would be able to take good post-hardcore and make it acoustic without leaving out the screaming. Full Surrender does it well. Just another that you will have to check out.

(in theory) (

Part spaz-core, part post-hardcore. One song will be a brutal, “kick you in the teeth and laugh” song that would rivial the likes of Fear Before the March of Flames or 7 Angels 7 Plagues and the next song will be reminiscent of Funeral for a Friend. They may be slightly bi-polar but they put out a great product.

-Scott Landis